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Fair Trade Tourism Introduction Workshops

Learn about the benefits of being part of FTT.

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) is South Africa’s best-known and a highly valued responsible tourism certification programme. It is one of only 16 sustainable tourism certification schemes worldwide  recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is currently being rolled out the southern African region. The aim of FTT is to make tourism more sustainable by ensuring that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits. Tourism businesses that adhere to the FTT standard use the FTT label as a way of signifying their commitment to fair and responsible tourism.

FTT-certification is available for accommodation, activities, facilities, food services, attractions and volunteer programmes. FTT’s current portfolio includes everything from backpackers to 5-star lodges; township tours to whale-watching cruises, and a whole lot in between. FTT prides itself in including some well-respected and very successful South African tourism businesses in their portfolio but at the same time is working hard to grow the Fair Trade Tourism family. Travellers and the travel trade love FTT-certified businesses and want more choice.

The workshops are open to all tourism businesses interested in responsible tourism. The programme will cover the following:

Why get FTT-certified? Learn about responsible tourism developments in South Africa and globally, consumer and travel trade demand for responsible tourism and the benefits of FTT-certification.
How to get FTT-certified? Learn about the process, potential business development support and costs.
Best practice example. Hear how a FTT-certified business tackled the certification process.

To book an FTT Intro Workshop in your area, contact Emilie Hagedoorn at