Whalesong Lodge gets FTT-certified

De Kelders’ Whalesong Lodge joins the family of fair and responsible tourism businesses by becoming certified by Fair Trade Tourism (FTT)

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT)-certification is an independent endorsement of fair and responsible tourism practices by South African tourism establishments.

The NGO’s certification programme is based on adherence to specific criteria including fair wages and working conditions, fair distribution of benefits, ethical business practice, and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

Whalesong Lodge, a small intimate guesthouse perched on top of the rugged De Kelders Cliffs overlooking the picturesque Walker Bay, recently joined the list of FTT-certified businesses.

The logde uses ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products. The products are carefully chosen and a conscious effort is made re-use and recycle wherever possible, as well as to reduce the use of disposable and consumable goods (e.g. buying items in bulk and storing food in glass containers, while recycling all packaging, etc).

Guests are informed about the lodge operator's green initiatives and activities in the service directory (e.g. recycling, composting, involvement in Trees for Tourism, support of sustainable food supplies, etc).

The owners of Whalesong Lodge have been involved in community development projects for the past 10 years. Consultations have been held with schools in Masakhane and Stanford, welfare organisations, local tourism boards, ratepayers associations, Baarskeerdersbos community and others. Regular consultations are held with employees to discuss their communities' needs, as well as theirs. The lodge operator is one of the founding members of Skills Exchange Co-operative (SEC) which aims to facilitate skills transfer from skilled volunteers to local communities. The programme has two 'legs', which are the Responsible Social Development Programme and Nature Based Development.

There is no place in South Africa where you are able to watch the whales from the shore, as you do from the De Kelders cliffs and Whalesong Lodge.

Whalesong Lodge is an ideal base to spend a number of days to explore the area. It’s a paradise for whale watching, shark diving or just leisurely walks along the coast.

Kathy Bergs, General Manager of FTT said, “Whalesong Lodge is a very deserving recipient of FTT- certification and we welcome them to the FTT family!”


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