The Development Fund

The purpose of the FTT Development Fund is to collect payments by tour operators into a central account and manage funds on behalf of beneficiaries, who are:

  • People directly affected by FTT, including workers employed by FTT-certified businesses and community shareholders in FTT-certified businesses
  • Indirect beneficiaries, including communities living in proximity to FTT-certified businesses seeking employment, income and other livelihood opportunities linked to tourism

To pay a development contribution is an essential component of the international Fairtrade (FLO) system, and as such has been identified as a necessary element of the Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) system.

In the FLO system, development contributions are paid to the producer and managed by a committee (e.g. a joint body of workers and management).

In the FTT system, an amount is paid to a Development Fund governed by beneficiaries.