Marketing our label

More and more travellers are looking for fair and responsible options when they plan their holiday. Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) offers a possibility of extending ethical purchasing decisions beyond everyday products such as coffee, tea and fruit to also include holidays that guarantee a better life for people in southern Africa and beyond.

FTT is the perfect choice for a tour operator that wishes to signal its commitment to responsible tourism, without compromising the customer experience.
We work in partnership with the local and international travel trade to promote FTT as follows:


  • Trade partners can use the FTT label to indicate that a business is certified, and thus raise awareness about FTT to their clients. Many of our partners actively work to increase the number of FTT-certified businesses featured in their brochures, as a way to show commitment to responsible tourism
  • Tour operators can put together, market and sell FTT-certified holidays. A Fair Trade holiday must include a minimum amount of FTT-certified businesses; the tour operator/s must be approved for FTT; and a set contribution must be paid to the FTT Development Fund

In addition, FTT provides valuable tools such as market segmentation studies and online training modules for the travel trade and sales staff who want to increase their knowledge of FTT