Fair Trade Holidays

Fair Trade Holidays - an innovative development in sustainable tourism certification!

Fair Trade Holidays is a concept that expands responsibility into the whole supply-chain. A Fair Trade Holiday must include a set amount of FTT-certified businesses; the tour operator/s must be approved for FTT; and a contribution must be paid to the FTT Development Fund. 

For a tour operator to be approved to sell Fair Trade Holidays: 

  • They must be assessed against the Travel Retail and Wholesale compliance criteria, which are derived from the Travel Retail and Wholesale Approval standard

The compliance criteria for Travel Retail and Wholesale fall under the following categories: 

  • Sustainable company management
  • Fair working environment
  • Fair supplier relationships
  • Transparent customer communications

Please click on each of the categories below to download the pdf. 

Also available is the Travel Retail and Wholesale Approval standard.

If you would like to apply for approval, go to http://qms.fairtradetourism.org.za and complete the online application.  An auditor will then contact you to arrange for an audit.  Audit fees for 2014 range from EUR 206.25 to EUR 550.