Becoming certified

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) certification makes good (business) sense!

Fair Trade Tourism certification remains a voluntary process, but is a must-have for businesses looking to promote themselves in the responsible tourism market.

The brand association with FTT is a competitive benefit that signifies a commitment to fair and responsible tourism.

Many travellers want to make positive travel decisions that feel good. Increasingly, they are choosing FTT-certified businesses that offer a meaningful contribution back to the destination and the people who work there.

As an FTT-certified business, you will join a diverse portfolio of tourism businesses that enjoy enhanced staff morale, greater staff retention and improved operations as a result of ethically and economically sound business practice.

You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and create joint marketing strategies to further strengthen your product offering. In addition, FTT-certified businesses are able to access developmental and marketing support through our own training tools and a wide network of business development service providers and donors.

FTT-certification is available for accommodation, activities, facilities, food services, attractions and volunteer programmes. Our current portfolio includes everything from backpackers to 5-star lodges; township tours to whale-watching cruises, and a whole lot in between.

The process

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) operates the world’s first and still only Fair Trade Tourism certification programme. The programme was developed 10 years ago and became the first tourism certification programme in Africa to be recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council in December 2011.

Tourism businesses in southern Africa interested in FTT-certification should answer the five easy questions on the FTT website to determine their eligibility to participate in the system.

If eligible, businesses proceed to the initial application, which will ask specific questions to allow the system to generate an appropriate application form. 

The full application will require the uploading of a number of supporting documents and the payment of a fee to FLO-Cert for document review.

If the application is approved by FLO-Cert, an on-site audit will be scheduled.

Audit fees are available under Certification Fees and Costs.

During the on-site audit, FLO-Cert auditors will verify compliance with a number of criteria relating to business practices and HR, community resources, cultural heritage and environmental practices.  

Once all required areas of compliance have been met, FTT certification will be awarded.

FTT-certified tourism businesses will be required to report online annually, including the uploading of a number of supporting documents.

An on-site audit will occur every three years.

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