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  • Fair Trade Tourism
    The mark of best practice
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Our certification standard and criteria

For a tourism product to be Fair Trade Tourism certified it must be assessed against the tourism product compliance criteria, which are derived from the Tourism Product Certification Standard

The compliance criteria for tourism products fall under the following categories:

  • Business practice and HR
  • Community resources
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental practice

For the compliance criteria go to our resources page for the relevant PDF or contact Admin on info@fairtrade.travel for more information.


  • D - Environmental Practice [.pdf]

    Purchasing policies favour locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable products, including building materials, capital goods, food and beverages where possible.
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  • C - Cultural heritage [.pdf]

    The tourism business contributes to the protection of any sites on its properties that have historical, archaeological, cultural or spiritual importance, and does not impede access to them by local residents.
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  • B - Community Resources [.pdf]

    The tourism business actively supports initiatives for local community development of infrastructure and social aspects including, among others, education, training, health and sanitation.
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  • A - Business Practice and HR [.pdf]

    The tourism business is in compliance with all applicable national and international legislation, regulations, licenses and permits.
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