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  • Fair Trade Tourism
    The mark of best practice
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FTT Certification Label


Fair Trade Tourism certification is a prestigious accolade for any African tourism business taking its commitment to sustainable tourism seriously and wanting to stand out in the rapidly growing responsible tourism market. It’s a voluntary process offering several key benefits

Developing your business

  • The Fair Trade Tourism certification process provides expert business development services (BDS) and free training, assisting in all aspects of sustainability, from procurement and human resources to environmental resource efficiency, effective communication and marketing.
  • The BDS process exposes your business to the cutting edge of global best practice in sustainable, responsible tourism, culminating in an independent, objective certification audit.
  • BDS does not stop at certification, as Fair Trade Tourism strives to keep you informed of the latest developments in sustainable tourism through regular networking forums, workshops, seminars and think-tanks.
  • Fair Trade Tourism offers a range of customised business toolkits and development aids designed to help improve your business at every level, both before and after certification.

Giving you a competitive advantage

  • Fair Trade Tourism certification confirms that your business is operated sustainably with a clear commitment to fair and responsible tourism, helping you to position it as a preferred supplier to key local, regional and international markets.
  • Fair Trade Tourism certification allows your business to be included in Fair Trade Holiday packages sold through prominent approved tour operator partners in key markets.
  • Fair Trade Tourism certification opens your business to a rapidly growing global audience through targeted awareness, advocacy and media campaigns.
  • Fair Trade Tourism certification offers you the opportunity to join an exclusive and diverse network of like-minded tourism businesses across Africa.

Improving your market access

  • Fair Trade Tourism identifies, researches and monitors sustainable tourism trends in key local, regional and international source markets, sharing its findings.
  • Fair Trade Tourism represents and promotes certified businesses at leading local, regional and international trade shows, roadshows and tourism events, offering the opportunity for you to participate in these at discounted rates.
  • Fair Trade Tourism is involved in targeted local, regional and international marketing and media campaigns aimed at increasing the exposure of certified businesses to both the international travel trade and travelling public. It also has its own cutting-edge marketing platforms.
  • Fair Trade Tourism spearheads global best practice across the southern African region and beyond through its certification programme and synergistic partnerships with mutually recognised initiatives. This offers your business a regional and continental platform from which to expand.
  • Fair Trade Tourism is a recognised global thought leader on sustainable tourism in Africa and represents the interests of stakeholders in leading local, regional and international political forums.

Fee Structure - South Africa

Valid from 1 March, 2017

Audit Fee
Annual Fee: Certified members
Micro Enterprise (1 Staff Member)
R 6 000
R 1 100
Very Small Enterprise (2-10 Staff)
R 12 000
R 2 200
Small (A) Enterprise (10-25 Staff)
R 14 400
R 3 630
Small (B) Enterprise (26-50 Staff)
R 15 000
R 5 060
Medium Enterprise (51-100 Staff)
R 19 800
R 10 000
Large Enterprise (101-200 Staff)
R 24 000
R 19 700
Very Large Enterprise (201 - 500)
R 30 000
R 26 300
Group Enterprise 500 staff
Bespoke quote
R 33 000
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